At Greenstone, our vision, mission and values drive everything we do. These are the foundation on which our business is built. Our beliefs drive our actions that will make a real difference to you, our customer. Our vision is the ultimate goal that we aim to achieve and what we continuously work towards:

To boldly go where no fibre optic has gone before

We have a vision to bring new technology to the communications environment and first world technology and experience to emerging markets. We want to invest in our South African future by building a committed customer orientated, leading fibre optic company that will develop skills in our communities and support environmental concerns.

Our mission sets out how we will get there:
To invest in the South African future by leading information communications and providing

  • Communication networks that make a positive difference to organisations,
  • World class customer experience,
  • Giving skills to the community; and
  • Supporting environmental concerns
Our Greenstone Values underpin everything we do and the decisions we take:
We make a positive difference to our community and environment
  • we contribute to the communities in which we work
  • we embrace diversity and respect differences
  • we negate our impact on the environment
We deliver excellent work
  • we produce quality work with enthusiasm
  • we trained to meet the expected standards
  • we deliver with speed and accuracy
We respect each other
  • we do what we say we will do
  • we listen and respond fairly to others
  • we are reliable and ethical
Our voice is our promise
  • we anticipate, listen and understand our customers
  • we respond to our customers’ current and future needs
  • we build long term relationships based on trust
We continuously innovate and drive change
  • we focus on new ways of doing things
  • we meet challenges in a flexible and dynamic way
  • we develop ourselves to lead the field