We offer the following range of services in Civil Engineering:
  • Site Surveys & Planning
  • Project management
  • Telecoms Site Access builds
  • Telecoms Route Build
  • Surface Re-instatements
  • Drilling
  • Micro Trenching
  • Duct Integrity Testing (DIT)

Site Surveys and Planning

Greenstone projects, the Civils division, have the ability to deploy project managers to complete extensive surveys of material and labour requirements for both site access and route builds.

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Project Management

Our qualified project managers can assist with Project Planning with the full lifecycle, concurrent projects, strategy, deployment and implementation.

We can also provide support in Business Development: undertaking presentations highlighting services, bid management & presales coordination Contract Management: identify risk, variations to the contract, and assist in the evaluation of change management.

Health and Safety: develop and/or reviews RAMS, a qualified H&S Representative to maintain the highest standard of H&S responsibility onsite.

Quality processes: Our internally developed quality processes has been adopted from proven experience internationally on a day to day basis to ensure the best quality product and result to the client’s specification.

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Telecoms Site Access Build

Our company specialises in last mile fibre solutions, this includes site builds for Cellular clients, private businesses, business parks, gated communities, and private home owners.

Cellular clients: Both Rooftop and Greenfield site build solutions can be provided which include, trenching, duct laying, manhole (handhole) placement, surface re-instatements, drilling and bosal site works.

Private businesses and business parks: Also known as FTTB – fibre to the business/building. Our company is focussed in providing a full turnkey solution for our clients, from surveys, consultation and implementation. We can also assist in products supply. For further information and detail please see the FTTx section.

Gated communities and fibre to home: our company is focussed in providing full turnkey solutions for our clients, from surveys, consultation and implementation. We can also assist in products and Services in Data, Voice and IPTV can be provided in conjunction with our partners. For further information and detail please see the FTTx section.

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Telecoms Route Build

Generally the company specialises in `Last mile fibre’ solutions, however we do have the in-house capability to deploy route build projects. Again our skill comprises of trenching, duct laying, manhole (handhole) placement, surface re-instatements, drilling and heavy plant supply.

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Surface Re-instatements

We do have the capability to reinstate all surfaces to a better standard and quality than what we initially found it in, we pride ourselves during this process and this is the signature to our professional approach on all our projects. Surfaces that we specialise in are: Vegetation, grass, any paving brick types including interlocking types, concrete and tar.

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Our specialist services include core drilling and underground drilling. With core drilling we can drill through most masonry and concrete walls and floors for our clients to create cable path ways, mostly within buildings. With our underground drilling we mostly use Vermeer directional drilling equipment to cross roads or any other trenching obstruction. During this process we always use locating systems to ensure we don’t hit existing, hidden services such as power, water and other telecom routes.

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Micro Trenching

Our RT100 and RT80 Side Cut machine technology can cut 30-60mm wide by 100-350mm deep slots in road and pavement surfaces, preferably tar and concrete. We will then drop our M2FX ™ Tuffduct™ into the micro trench. Thereafter we will re-seal the surface with a durable re-instatement, to its original condition or better with very minimal disruption to traffic and the public. This process is particularly affective in dense urban areas to interconnect businesses, homes and gated community building.

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Duct Integrity Testing (DIT)

Our qualified teams are trained to complete Duct Integrity Testing (DIT) on various duct configurations. Our test rigs are set up to do up to 7 ducts simultaneously. Firstly we complete pressure testing up to 15Bar to check for air leaks, and then finally we shoot fibre darts (with copper ends) to check that there are no bend irregularities before any floating commences. Once all the tests are completed successfully, we will issue Duct Integrity Test Certification to the client.

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