African Broadband Background:

With the fast and furious arrival of cross Atlantic Fibre cables, from the East coast (EASSy and Seacom) and West coast (WACS & SAex) of Africa, an exciting era arrives in the Communications market for Southern Africa and the whole of Africa for that matter with the new abundance of Broadband options.

Broadband fibre optical network expansion is mostly driven by the major Cellular communication companies .The need to implement new high speed communication technologies such as 4G are all fuelling the fire for faster and higher capacity networks. Most metropolitan areas are seeing a huge explosion of optical fibre networks, some open access, now providing infrastructure and a platform for the next two major shifts in broadband supply.

The first shift we are seeing is Fibre to the Business /Building (FTTB) market which has already begun, businesses taking full advantage of cheaper available broadband or optical fibre networks connecting their businesses directly to their ISP’s.

The second shift, still to really take off in Africa, will be Fibre to the Home (FTTH), a trend most of the first world countries have already taken. Wouldn’t it be great to receive voice, data and possibly IP TV packaged in one bundle over one fibre optic cable from service providers at low, efficient and competitive rates. Well this might not be too far away!!

Current Product Issues:

So far the bottleneck or hurdle really exists with cost to the consumer and huge upfront capital investment by service providers, at this stage starving large scale FTTx roll outs. Also the architecture of many buildings makes the inbuilt design and installation of the last mile fibre drop optical fibre prohibitively time consuming and very expensive. Current conventional methods are bulky, heavy and sensitive to poor installations.

Solution – New Product Range:

Greenstone Networks have acquired the African Distribution Agency for the last mile fibre product range from M2FX™, currently manufactured in the United Kingdom.

The M2FX™ fibre product range might just change all the headaches of your current `last mile fibre’ installations. The M2FX product range are very exciting new age optical fibre products, its compact, about 10 times lighter than conventional fibre products, robust and extremely easy / fast to install. All these mentioned characteristics produces a solution using less skilled labour during installation and dramatically reduces time onsite. Logically all these factors assist in driving overall installation cost down to you the customer, as already proven in Europe and the USA. The results as shown in Europe is a reduction of Civil engineering and installation costs of between 33%-60% depending on the size of the roll outs.

The CEO of Greenstone Networks(Pty)Ltd, with extensive international telecommunications experience says:

`We believe this will change the WHOLE FTTx market approach within Southern Africa and eventually Africa. We have seen huge success stories with the M2FX product range being implemented in Europe at a fraction of your conventional methods currently specified locally. This could just be the product the market has been waiting for to really kick start and fuel last mile fibre ,not just from an affordable approach but also from an ease to install point of view!’

The M2FX product range:

The M2FX™ fibre product range of hundreds of different items, below we have listed the core product ranges, but further product information can be obtained by emailing us on:

Miniflex™ Fibre Cable
Miniflex™ Fibre Cable – Quickpush
Miniflex™ Pre-Terminated Fibre Cable
Miniflex™ Outdoor Microduct
Miniflex™ Indoor Microduct
Miniflex™ Tuffduct Microduct (direct bury)
IP55 Fibre Box Enclosure
IP68 Dome Enclosure

M2FX UK homepage:

We have appointed MUSTEK as our exclusive distributor and partner across the African continent with over 1000 reselling agents, please visit their website for further information: