Leon Strydom and Dirk Fourie are the founding partners of Greenstone global. They each have over ten years experience in Information Communication Technology management and met earlier in their careers in 2000. Both Leon and Dirk are trained to FIA recommended City and Guilds Fibre Optic Standard, the UK gold standard of Fibre Optic installation.

Leon Strydom has extensive experience in managing large scale infrastructure installation projects and a reputation for bringing projects in on time, on budget, to the required quality and with fiscal integrity. He was the project manager for the installation of the entire Heathrow Terminal 5(A) Data Backbone Infrastructure, which started in 2005 and was completed in 2008. At the time, this was the largest data installation project in Europe. Leon has a passion for making a positive environmental difference and is currently studying for a renewable energy degree with the Open University. He wants to lead the way in the telecommunications industry in building positive environmental solutions.

Dirk Fourie is passionate about delivering work of the best quality and accuracy. Dirk supported Leon in the successful delivery of the Heathrow Terminal 5(A) project and took over the project management role during the project wind-down stage. Prior to this, working with another company, he developed, implemented and managed the processes for their world class successful fibre pre-termination service centre in UK. Dirk has data management experience and service management of client data networks. He is known for his personal precision and prides himself on gaining 100% in all qualification accreditation tests. Dirk has a passion for making a positive difference in our South African community and has a vision for bringing skills training to the communities in which we work.

Past INTERNATIONAL projects completed and managed

Installation of Heathrow Terminal 5(A) Data Backbone Infrastructure
Project completed 3 months early within programme and within budget targets
  • 400km of fibre optic and copper wire installed in 30 months
  • Installation and Implementation of 400Km SM Fibre and Copper Backbone
  • Installation and Implementation 10 000 Krone CAT6 switch link ports
  • Installation and Implementation 22 000 Krone CAT6 outlets
  • Closed out CAT6 Horizontal work packages for 64 IT rooms of Terminal 5(A) with infrastructure to CCTV, Media screens, Switch Links, Primary Communication Rooms (data server halls), Flight Information Display System, Baggage areas, HM Customs & Excise, UK Immigration Services, Metropolitan Police, Retail outlets, and Restricted Zone boundary.

White City (West London) Shopping Centre: at the time the largest shopping mall in Europe.

Project completed within financial budgetary constraints and to target.
  • Production of Information Communications Technology Infrastructure, completing the data infrastructure to 379 retail units
  • Installation and coordination of all secondary containment (electrical)
  • Completion and Coordination of all 65 IT rooms
  • Installation and coordination of all fibre and telecom voice backbone
  • 11 500 Belden CAT6 outlets to 375 retail units.

Pre-termination Service set up and management

Off-site manufacturing of fibre cabinet to cabinet server links to decrease on-site labour and time
  • Stream lined, re-designed and implemented four production lines
  • Designed and implemented the management systems
  • Designed and implemented quality control systems
  • Redeveloped the delivery systems to site to ensure “Just in Time” delivery for project requirements saving on storage space.
  • Managed several very large pre termination projects, the largest delivering 144 000 terminations in six weeks with 100% quality.

International Bank based in Manchester and Canary Wharf

Project completed under budget and to target
  • Installation and Implementation 44 000 CAT6 Systimax Visipatch outlets
  • Two buildings consisting of 20 floors combined
  • Two data centres and 15 IT rooms

Cellular Communications Company World Headquarters Campus

  • Managed the infrastructure installation for seven buildings (new build), 24 floors
  • 42 IT Rooms
  • 35 000 ITT CAT5e outlets

Recent LOCAL (SOUTH AFRICAN) projects completed and managed:

  • Delivered 5 major Vodacom rings including the site access installations in Gauteng.
  • Delivered last mile fibre projects for MTN, VODACOM, CELL C, INTERNET SOLUTIONS (IS).
  • Installed over 300km of metro fibre in 2011 in the Gauteng region.
  • Completed the first micro fibre project for Telkom in January 2012 as a trial for major national roll out.
  • Launching an exciting NEW product in the FTTH market.