Greenstone aims to provide a full turnkey solution to their client, both in Optical Fibre and Civil trench works. We can provide services for both `last mile’ and `long haul fibre’ installation projects at national level, although our main focus is in the `last mile’ market and FTTx.

Greenstone Networks are Fibre Optic, Blown Fibre (floating) and Data Cabling specialists with international experience in managing large scale...

We offer the following range of services in Optical Fibre:
  • Internal, external and blown fibre Solutions
  • Direct Terminations & Splicing
  • Pre-Termination Solutions
  • Testing:
  • Continuity, Insertion loss measurement (power meter light source), OTDR, certification & Chromatic Dispersion...
We offer the following range of services in Civil Engineering:
  • Site Surveys & Planning
  • Project management
  • Telecoms Site Access builds
  • Telecoms Route Build
  • Surface Re-instatements
  • Drilling
  • Micro Trenching
  • Duct Integrity Testing (DIT)...
With many oceanic optic fibre cables now available and even more planned for Africa and more specifically South Africa, Fibre to The home (FTTH) and business (FTTB) is becoming more of a reality. With the increase in available bandwidth and the spreading off fibre networks country wide it will, in the very near future, become a standard instead of an exception in South Africa. Currently fibre to the home/business is mostly deployed to areas such as...
African Broadband Background:
With the fast and furious arrival of cross Atlantic Fibre cables, from the East coast (EASSy and Seacom) and West coast (WACS & SAex) of Africa, an exciting era arrives in the Communications market for Southern Africa and the whole of Africa for that matter with the new abundance of Broadband options.

Broadband fibre optical network expansion is mostly...

Leon Strydom and Dirk Fourie are the founding partners of Greenstone global. They each have over ten years experience in Information Communication Technology management and met earlier in their careers in 2000. Both Leon and Dirk are trained to FIA recommended City and Guilds Fibre Optic Standard, the UK gold standard of Fibre Optic installation.

Leon Strydom has extensive experience in managing large...

At Greenstone, our vision, mission and values drive everything we do. These are the foundation on which our business is built. Our beliefs drive our actions that will make a real difference to you, our customer.

Our vision is the ultimate goal that we aim to achieve and what we continuously work towards:

To boldly go where no fibre optic has gone before

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